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Bath Restoration FAQs

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How long will the work take?

All work is completed on the day. The bath requires 24 hours after being re-enamelled to cure before use. Before use wash the bath down with warm water. On the day of the bath being re-enamelled, please make sure no other workers are in the bathroom. Payment is by cash or cheque. And if you'd be so kind, tea is with 2 sugars, and a little milk.

What type of guarantee does the new surface have?

Each resurfaced bath comes with a 3 year guarantee. This guarantee covers any fault relating to workmanship or the quality of the new surface.

What cleaners can be used?

The cleaning of the re-enamelled surface is very easy. I recommend using Ecover non scratch cream cleaner. Or most off the shelf cleaners i.e Mr Muscle or Cif, will work just fine. The cleaners to avoid are the old style gritty cleaners such as Jif powder, these act as abrasives and are somewhat to blame for the deterioration of the original enamel. If you live in an area that has hard water, stick to the Ecover cleaner and the occasional use of a kitchen sponge with the green pad.

A lady in Ham , West London, for whom I had resurfaced two baths , called up concerned that the hard water marks which were present before having the cast iron bath resurfaced, were starting to show back through. Impossible I thought, seeing how they were sanded off before the bath was re-enamelled. So I went to examine the bath and found the marks were that of new stains, on top of the surface, again caused by the hard water. A bottle of Ecover cleaner and a kitchen pad were at hand, and within a few minutes the marks were gone and all was well.

washing my dog in the bath

Can I wash the dog in the new bath?

I wash mine, he stands there, gets washed and then jumps out and I have not had any problems. However washing pets is not covered by the product guarantee.

What if I'm having my bathroom tiled?

If you are having the bathroom tiled, it is best to get the new tiles fitted before having the bath re-enamelled. This way we avoid any tiles or tools being dropped on to the new bath. Have the grout done but not the sealant. I will do the sealant for you.

Baking and Polishing

Some companies make a lot of fuss about baking and polishing, and to be honest that's all it is, alot of fuss. It is better to allow the material to dry in its own time, which with good quality material is only 24 hours. Occasionally it might be necessary to give a small area a polish if some dust sneaked in and didn't get noticed, in this there is no harm, but better it is to notice it before the job is finished and be dealt with accordingly. But to promote polishing as something that adds to the quality of the re-enamelled bath, I say is a false claim.