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Chip Repair

Whether it's the size of a pea, a penny or a tennis ball a chip can be unsightly and, especially if it happens to a new bath, very frustrating. Our Chip Repair service is available to both residential and commercial clients. Please complete our Quick Quote form or call us on 07886 320 296 for a quote.

Using a bonding formula which originated from the medical industry, (a trade secret), the new material has such a strong adhesion to the existing bath that it is impossible to pick or find any other way to get between the two. The chip repair becomes intrinsically part of the original bath. The material is mixed on site to exactly match the colour of the bath and the whole operation takes two to three hours and the finish lasts indefinitely.

Chip repair - before
Chip repair - during
Chip repair - after

This service has already been a lifeline to many tradesmen, who having fitted a brand new bathroom and have either themselves or more often had a labourer drop a tile, hammer, glass shower door or whatever onto the brand new bath causing a major problem. Options: have the chip repaired or replace the bath.

We can repair the chip and save the tradesman and his customer an untold amount of grief and money. This service is available to everyone and we do our best to get the job done ASAP.

Ken, tradesman in Amersham

"Excellent! Absolute perfect match. Got me out of a massive jam." 07768 952189

Chip repair - before
Chip repair - after