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Roll top Iron Bath
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Shire Bath Re-enamelling in Birmingham

At Shire Bath Re-enamelling the highest quality materials and a team of refinishers, who each have been a professional in the refinishing trade for many years, will provide you with a re enamelled bath that will look and feel brand new for many years.

All newly re-surfaced baths come with a three year guarantee and a life expectancy of around 10 years depending on usage. It will be very easy to clean the newly resurfaced bath and a large number of supermarket products may be used.

The job is compeleted in 4 to 5 hours and then requires 24 hours to cure and any sealent that has been removed wil be replaced at the end if the re-enamelling process.

If you live in Birmingham or the Midlands area, and have an enamel, acrylic or pressed steel bath that has lost it's shine, or if you have found an old cast iron enamel rolltop on ebay and you want the works done to it (chrome feet, metallic red on the outside and enamel white - or any other colour! - on the inside), then Shire Bath Re-Enamelling Co of Birmingham is for you.